About Archimat

In 2009, archtoolbox.com was born as an online technical reference for architects.  We built that site as an educational resource useful when working on projects.  However, we started to receive many requests for manufacturer information.  Naturally, we would reference other popular building product information sites.  However, those sites were too complicated and had much more information than we wanted as architects.  If you are interested in learning more about archtoolbox, visit the archtoolbox.com about page.

In 2015, we decided to start our own building material directory.  Like archtoolbox.com, we wanted it to be simple, visually clean, and we wanted it to get us the information we needed as quickly as possible.  And, viola, Archimat was born.

For Architects

Architects are here to find out which manufacturers provide the product they need, we'll show you a list of options and get you over to their website right away because the best place to learn about a manufacturer is on their website.

We are architects so Archimat is built with architects in mind.  As the site grows, we plan to add more ways to find and learn about products.  However, we will always keep it simple.  You'll notice that we give you plenty of ways to jump right to the a particular part of a manufacturer's website.  Whether you need specifications, details, or BIM families, you can get to it right away.  We will also link back to articles on archtoolbox.com in case you want to brush up on the basics of a product or system.

For Manufacturers

You want to get architects to your information as quickly as possible.  That is our goal, too.  Your website has all the info an architect needs (and you've spent a lot developing that website) so why spend time maintaining a second database of content.  Just give us the links to your content and let us send architects your way.  No need to spend gobs of cash on unnecessary listing features just so you can be in a good directory.

We also understand that you want to get your products in front of architects.  We are developing a huge website of educational materials at archtoolbox.comJoin our directory today to be the first to know about content partnering opportunities as they go live.  We are building some great opportunities to help educate architects and building designers.